About Me


Greetings and welcome to roblewisdesign, my name is Rob and I’d like to thank you for coming to visit my blog. My blog follows my modern activities and discoveries from studying my MA in Communication Design ¬†at the University of Southampton.

Im a 29 year old postgraduate, returning from six years of mixed success in the industry after graduating six years ago from a BA in Illustration. I’m highly passionate about contemporary arts and also music, addicted to festivals, gigs, music forums and Glastonbury. A keen traveller and animal lover, spending much of my free time laughing at the antics of my two troublesome mischievous cats!

This blog very much examines the past, present and the future of Communication Design touching on multiple disciplines and viewpoint. This blog is for anyone with a passion for good Communication Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, creating in the United Kingdom and narrative expression.

My blog will post my viewpoints about topical writings I have read with further support from other sources online or elsewhere, general ramblings and creative inspirations will also be added to my blog as I discover more interesting elements and the work of truly talented practicing creatives.

This blog will act as a reflective diary to accompany my work on my masters course but also to reflect on more personal creative interests. While a request initially to activate a blog this is something I’ve always wanted to do as well as to work with WordPress, I look forward to sharing my passion for design with you all.